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23.1.2022 - 'living with closed eyes is easy', comme chantaît l'autre ... 

7.11.2021 - it's not about WHO you are, but about WHAT you did and do for the country/ies you lived in and actually are living in.

25.10.2021 - Transition ?   

11.10.2021 - How to change the EURL statuts of a company based on maritime law into a natural law, sovereign company ... That's my pragmatic question of today. If you have the right answer, mail me at contact@justessential.eu   

26.9.2021 - Creating Safe and Fair Working Enterprise Networks these days seems 'mission impossible'.

11.9.2021 - OPERATION 'safe a honest nurse f/m' : take your responsability and register in the local, national labour office - or any other offical org you belong to - that you donot want to get 'tested and vaxxed' under the totally illegal ongoing 'covid19bs' (because zero law ON allowing this). By this personal action YOU save a nurse who works under pression (as many other people !!!) because she/he needs a salary to live (and feed the family ...). At least 1 nurse less has to give a non-tested criminal vaccin ! Again : all truth is here : www . verite - covid19 . fr). YOU save HER/HIS life. I registred myself yesterday. The national labour agency of republic France advised, after that I showed the legal letter made available for everybody by French competent, legal advisors in HUMANITY.

7.9.2021 - Know the law and protect yourself : download the legal letter (French) at the bottom of the openingspage of www.verite-covid.fr or send them a mail to get the letter, in order to protect yourself against - in case of - unlawfull forced vaccination by your employer worldwide. Stay safe.

29.8.2021 - Copied somewhere : Festina lente (affrettati lentamente) : 'do not surrender control of your body in order to participate in society'.

21.8.2021 - Ready to go, but patiently waiting the right moment to be announced by the right people, we like to expose a link with ideas of how people could integrate their services to a human society: Get involved (icc-cpi.int) - Facebook

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